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Latest Activities

​​Earth Week April 18-24, 2021 planning

Help develop, plan, and discuss ideas for Earth Week 2021 at our biweekly meetings. 


CCAA Meetings

Held on most 2nd and 4th Mondays at 17:30 on Zoom



Sign Lines  No dates are currently scheduled.


Raise awareness and encourage others to take action by participating in our Healthy Planet = Healthy People Sign Line.  Stand or sit in socially-distanced lines of sign displays in front of the County Courthouse. 

Bring your signs or borrow one of ours at the Benton County Courthouse.  Signs and artwork encouraging voting and offering solutions to the climate crisis as well as intersectional issues of voting rights, and environmental, social, and economic justice may be included. 

Participants must be masked and maintain at least 10 ft distance from others.


Chalking for Change - Sidewalk Chalk Art

Select a choice section of sidewalk or driveway and show off your artistic skills with chalk or washable chalk paint.  Email a photo of your creation, tell us where it was placed, and we'll feature it on Instagram. To the right is a gallery of a few examples.

Our climate-related theme is Healthy Planet = Healthy People but you may include other associated issues, for example environmental and social justice, biological diversity, or voting rights.  We have a limited number of stencils and chalk sets available to borrow during the Sign Line displays or on other days by contacting the CCAA Art Studio.​​​​​​

Chalking for Change - Art Demonstration

In this video, Climate Artivist Patti Warner demonstrates how easy it is to make Healthy Planet = Healthy People -themed sidewalk chalk art that can be appreciated by all who walk by.

Featured Presentations

  from our Sept. 2020 Week of Action

​​21st Monday, World Peace Day

7:00-9:00 pm  "Black Leadership Confronts Military Nuclear Supremacy" -Linda Richards, Oregon State University School of History, Philosophy and Religion & Ann Mbacke, Progress Village Foundation.  Audio recordings of Black American leaders who confronted “militaristic” nuclear technological supremacy, followed by a discussion about leadership today.  recorded


22nd Tuesday, Transportation

9:00 am - 7:00 pm  Car Free Day - Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.  Bike, walk, skate, bus to up to 9 flagged sites   Details

​23rd Wednesday, Waste Prevention

6:00-6:30 pm  Oregon State University / PNW Consortium on Plastic Pollution: "Green Girl (Laurie Richer)" interview by John Dickens, podcast Plasticast Ep.7; and

"Making Science Accessible"- Ashley Renda.  Importance of science communication for making informed decisions, video;  "Q&A"- Susanne Brander, Stacey Harper, et al., live.  recorded channel

24th Thursday, Environment and Sustainable Solutions

"Home Energy Retrofits"- Nancy Evenson, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, Sustainable Housing project, video. Important steps homeowners can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions using energy efficiency measures and newer technology appliances.  recorded

"My Net-zero Energy Home"- Mike Beilstein, video.  Personal experiences in steps taken to achieve a net-zero energy residence.  recorded


"The Times, They Are a-Changin': Tipping Points and Why They Are Important"- James Watson, Ed Brook, David Wrathall, Oregon State University College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, video.  Historical climate tipping points,  contemporary social tipping points in communities impacted by climate change, tipping point characteristics in ecosystems  recorded

25th Friday, Climate Change

"Energy Innovation Action"- Citizens Climate Lobby, video.  Amusing introduction to a carbon fee and dividend for progressives and conservatives  recorded

"The Far Middle and 2020 Household Impact Study"- Rick Knight, Citizens Climate Lobby, video.  A carbon fee and dividend is a highly progressive policy with greater benefit to lower-income households than wealthier ones  recorded

"Our natural world is stressed, and so are we!"- Julie Williams, Seeds for the Sol, video.  The climate threat intersection with COVID-19, megafires, hurricanes, storms, and flooding and actions you can take to help heal the earth  recorded

26th Saturday, Community, Environmental Justice

"Corvallis Carbon Offset Fund"- Brian Lee, Corvallis Interfaith Climate Justice Committee, video and website tour.  Offset your carbon footprint to help the global climate and benefit the local community  recorded 

6:30-7:30 pm "Universal Health Care, Social Justice, Survival"- Karen Christianson & Michael Huntington, Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates, video.  The need for sustainable universal healthcare and actions we can take to get there.  recorded

​"Youth v Gov Landmark Climate Lawsuit"- Miko Vergun, co-plaintiff, Our Children's Trust, video.   The significance of the Juliana v US lawsuit for young people and future generations in forwarding the dogma of the Constitutional environmental trust   recorded


"Veganism: A Global Social Justice Movement"- Malaya Lualhati, video.  The role of animal agriculture in the climate crisis, species extinction crisis, and pandemics, and the need to rethink our relationship with non-human animals  recorded

27th Sunday, Democracy, Voting


"Corvallis Green New Deal"- Nathan & Cami Villanova, Natalie A Walter, Carly Werdel.  Sunrise Movement Corvallis, video.  Panel discussion about a just transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources and green jobs  recorded  

"Climate bipartisanship vs. fossil fuel interests"- US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), keynote at 2019 American Climate Leadership Summit, video. Holding corporations and organizations accountable in the face of Citizens United to break the political climate impasse  recorded


"Climate Insights 2020: Climate Change and the American Voter"- Christina Chan (World Resources Institute), Katherine Hayhoe (Texas Tech University), Jon Krosnick (Stanford University), Richard G Newell (Resources for the Future), Justin Worland (Time Magazine), video.  Climate Week NYC 2020  recorded panel discussion starts at 30:00

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